Our Executive Officer

Mandy Nayton OAM
Executive Officer
Mandy Nayton is the CEO of DSF Literacy and Clinical Services and President of AUSPELD (the Australian Federation of Specific Educational Learning Difficulties Associations). She is an educational and developmental psychologist and qualified primary school teacher with extensive experience in the field of literacy education. Mandy supports schools with literacy planning and provides professional development in the areas of literacy acquisition, vocabulary development, working memory, learning difficulties and the assessment of learning disorders.

She was a member of the Federal Government’s Dyslexia Working Party in 2009/2010, a member of the Schools Disability Advisory Council in 2012/2013 and was the recipient of the LDA Mona Tobias Award in 2015. Mandy is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Curtin University’s School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, has conducted research in collaboration with UWA, Curtin and Macquarie Universities, and was recently awarded an OAM for her services in the fields of education and learning difficulties.

Our Board

The Board of DSF Literacy and Clinical Services is comprised of the following members all of whom serve on a voluntary basis:

David McAulliffe

Shirley Houston

Hon. Tom Stephens


Matthew McCarney


Suze Leitao

Stephen Breen

Andrew Fisher

Carol Yiannopoulos

Our Volunteers

DSF_internal0102_.jpgVolunteers play a vital role in ensuring DSF can continue to provide high-quality services and evidence-based resources to support people with learning difficulties. Our committed weekly and monthly volunteers help ensure the costs of delivering services is kept to a minimum while the assistance of corporate volunteers helps reduce the costs associated with producing our own evidence-based literacy resources in-house. DSF volunteers have been recognised for their valuable contribution to the community and some have been volunteering with DSF for over 20 years. Not only do the volunteers provide valuable assistance, they also bring with them a strong corporate history and knowledge of the organisation’s mission, goals and values.

Our Staff

The staff at DSF is comprised of a team of highly-committed individuals who are dedicated to providing quality services in all areas of delivery. At the end of the 2017/2018 financial year we employed 81 full-time, part-time and casual members of staff. Of the current staff, 53 staff members are located at the South Perth office, while 13 staff members are located at the Mt Hawthorn Literacy Clinic, 8 at the Victoria Park Literacy Clinic and 7 at the Albany Literacy Clinic.

Our staff includes the literacy services team and the clinical services team. The DSF literacy team consists of experienced teachers and administrators with backgrounds in education, psychology, speech and language, and learning disabilities, and we have a finance team with backgrounds in accountancy, accounts management and book-keeping. The DSF clinical team includes psychologists (many endorsed in specialist areas) and speech pathologists. Our clinicians often work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcomes for individuals and families approaching DSF for support. All staff focus on delivering high quality services across all areas.

There is strong collegiate support across the whole staff with very low rates of personal leave accessed and high rates of staff retention. Staff morale remains exceptionally high. DSF promotes participation in a staff wellness program which has continued since its inception over eight years ago. New employees joining the team at DSF tend to view the Foundation as a long-term employment prospect, with many employees staying well over five years.

Our Supporters

DSF Literacy Services is exceptionally grateful for the generous support provided by a number of philanthropic West Australian organisations and individuals. We would not be able to provide our current range of services or level of support without this essential assistance.

Lotterywest provides valuable support enabling DSF to increase the value of our services
Lotterywest has provided financial support to DSF through the provision of special purpose grants.

Grants provided by Lotterywest have significantly contributed to the production of this website and we are incredibly grateful for all support received.
The WA Department of Education logo
The Western Australian Department of Education provides approximately 10% of the Foundation's funding. This funding enables the delivery of a specific set of quality services to support the WA community, particularly those with learning difficulties.
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