Do you or your child need a tutor?

DSF maintains a register of qualified specialist teachers who provide individual tutoring for children and adults across Western Australia. A majority of DSF Tutors are located in the Perth metropolitan area however those who require tutoring in country or remote areas can obtain an online Tutor and receive Tutoring through a virtual classroom. DSF Tutors are qualified and experienced teachers and must attend ongoing Professional Development to remain listed as a DSF tutor. Membership of the Foundation is necessary to access ongoing tutoring and a Tutor Request must be completed if you wish to obtain a new Tutor. The DSF Tutor Manager monitors all tutors to ensure high quality instruction is provided to students.

Find a Tutor

We have recently updated the way in which our clients obtain a tutor – DSF members can now use our online tutor finder to locate an appropriate tutor.

To access the Tutor Finder you need to complete a Family Membership + Tutor Request form. If you are already a Member of DSF and do not have Tutor Access please submit a Tutor Request after logging in. Once you have completed the form you will be able to access the Tutor Finder for a period of four weeks.

Are you interested in becoming a tutor?

DSF is always looking for tutors to join the foundation to help support students across the Perth Metro and country areas. More information can be found on the Becoming a DSF Tutor page.