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This important initiative aims to reduce to near zero the number of children who finish primary school unable to read.
DSF strongly supports evidence informed practice in the teaching of literacy.
Over the past few months there has been renewed media interest in a unique font called Dyslexie that the promoters claim will improve the readability of text for both children and adults with dyslexia.
Has your child just started learning to read? Perhaps they have entered pre-primary or commenced Year One this year?
Historically it was widely believed that reading difficulties were the direct result of defects in the visual system. We now know that these theories are largely untrue.
Provides support for the development of phonological awareness and phonics. Ipads and Tablets Voice Recognition Used to support reading and writing. Includes templates for writing graphic organisers grammar checkers and study tools. Electronic Resour ...
Bookshare ( is a collection of electronic books that can be accessed via a yearly subscription. Readers are able to access audio and electronic copies of books through their purpose built app or via a web browser. Bookshare ...
How to use Microsofts new suite of learning tools to support students with specific learning disorders
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Getting Off to a Good Start - FAQ about Phonics. D ... tion activities and articles from DSF. Use the search below to find information and resources designed to support people with learning difficulties and specific learning disorders. DSF Members ca ...
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