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More information. Learning to read can be a diffic ... only referred to as Dyslexia.
The identification and diagnosis of Dyslexia is a complex process. The assessment process involves careful consideration of the individual's strengths and weaknesses in learning their educational history the extent of their difficulties and what impa ...
It is now well recognised that dyslexia is commonl ... . In previous years Dyslexia was thought to affect far more boys than girls but recent research tends to show that it is more evenly distributed. It appears that it is more noticeable in boys in ...
More Information. There are many ways to help a person with dyslexia achieve success. Generally strategies fall into three categories: Each type of strategy should be considered when planning instruction and support. A person with dyslexia will benef ...
My Dyslexic Journey provides insight into the challenges of Dyslexia.
References for: A Historical Perspective on the 'Dyslexia Myth'
A nation as self-confident as Australia doesn't expect to receive lessons in advanced education practices from such humble places as Irvinestown a small village two hours west of Belfast in Northern Ireland.
Historically it was widely believed that reading difficulties were the direct result of defects in the visual system. We now know that these theories are largely untrue.
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