The Vocabulary Handbook is an indispensable resource for vocabulary instruction. For the first time, one book clearly presents the what? why? when? and how? of effective vocabulary instruction by providing

- the three critical components of exemplary vocabulary instruction - teaching specific words, teaching independent word-learning strategies, and promoting word consciousness;

- a highly accessible, teacher-friendly format that bridges the "what to teach" to the "how to teach";

- practical sample lesson models that can be used to boost vocabulary instruction in any reading program or content area test;

- a sysnthesis of scientifically based research on vocabulary instruction, aligned to the requirements of both Reading First and Striving Readers.

Are you an elementary teacher, a middle or high school teacher, a reading specialist, a literacy coach, a provider of professional development, a school or district administrator, a university professor, or a college student? For all educators who are working to improve reading achievement, this handbook provides clear instructional approaches for successfully building students' vocabulary knowledge - knowledge essential for strong reading comprehension.

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