This Talk for Reading guide takes you step-by-step through the three stages of the Talk for Reading process that enables children to become strategic readers who can comprehend independently and express their understanding coherently. They not only love reading but can talk or write about texts powerfully.
Talk for Reading is not about teaching ‘exam/test reading’, isolated ‘skills’ or ‘strategies’. It is about developing children’s ability to read strategically in order to gain the core purpose from a challenging, quality text.
Our focus is on the active engagement of the reader during reading so that links can be made, connections developed and refined in the light of new information, gradually building and shaping a mental model of the text.
The book is accompanied by a wide range of online resources, including:
• 21 video clips illustrating different aspects of TfR in action
• guidance notes to help you use the videos for staff training
• downloadable handouts to help you put the process into practice
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