These decodable readers will enable children to practice the literacy skills they are learning through Sounds~Write and thereby gain fluency in reading, all while they enjoy the colourfully-illustrated stories.

This series is written particularly to support phonic teaching and can be used by anyone teaching reading to children.
Unit 1: Tim Tam Sam Phoneme /aimst/
Unit 2: Is it Sam? Phoneme /aimst nop/
Unit 3: Sam's pip Phoneme /aimst nop bcgh/
Unit 4: The hens Phoneme /aimst nop bcgh defv/
Unit 5: Tom and Sam Phoneme /aimst nop bcgh defv klru/
Unit 6:  Tim's pets  Phoneme /imst nop bcgh defv klru jwz/
Unit 7:  The bin men Phoneme /aimst nop bcgh defv klru jwz x y ff  ll ss/
Unit 8:   Is it magic?  Phoneme /vcc and cvcc/
Unit 9:   The forg pond Phoneme /ccvc/
Unit 10: Grand slam cup Phoneme /cccvc and cccvcc/

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