Sounds~Write books are written particularly to support phonic teaching through the Sounds~Write program and can be used by anyone teaching reading to children.

These titles focus on particular sounds to give children plenty of practice of the most common spelling alternatives presented in each of the Extended Code Units.
Unit 1: Ted Saves the Day Phoneme /ae/
Unit 2: The Fun Day Phoneme ‘ae’
Unit 2: A Secret at School Phoneme /ee/
Unit 3: Billy’s Easy Day Phoneme ‘ee’
Unit 4: Home Sweet Home Phoneme /oe/
Unit 5: The Golden Glow Phoneme ‘oe’
Unit 6: The Worst Day Phoneme ‘er’
Unit 6: A Turn on the Turf Phoneme /er/
Unit 7: Playing Dead with Ted Phoneme ‘e’
Unit 7: Guests at the Wedding Phoneme /e/
Unit 8: A Hound in Town Phoneme /ow/
Unit 8: The Greatest Show in Town Phoneme ‘ow’
Unit 10: The Rules at School Phoneme m ‘oo’n
Unit 11: A Fine Time at Playgroup Phoneme ‘ie’
Unit 12: The Fright by the Brook Phoneme b ‘oo’ k
Unit 14: The Sad Monkey Phoneme ‘u’
Unit 19: The Mystery of the Waterfall Phoneme ‘or’
Unit 20: The Scare on the Lake Phoneme ‘air’

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