These colourful and innovative packs were developed and produced right here in WA by DSF Literacy & Clinical Services. Available in two versions - The Complete Activity Pack and the Budget Pack.

Each Complete Pack includes a 22cm x 28cm magnetic whiteboard, 34 Latin morpheme cards, 34 Anglo Saxon morpheme cards, 40 Greek morpheme cards and an information booklet. Each magnetic laminated card contains a morpheme an element of speech which carries meaning. These include prefixes, base words and suffixes. On the back of each morpheme card is the description and meaning of the morpheme. The cards can be used on a magnetic whiteboard for word building activities which focus on word families and Latin word structure. Such activities are perfect for upper primary/secondary students. Magnetic boards, letter cards and information booklet come in an attractive and hardwearing drawstring calico bag.

Also available in and Budget Set.   

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