This workbook complements Moon Dog Vowel Spelling Series and follows the same phonic progression. It offers photocopiable activities for word building, reading, spelling and comprehension work based on the characters and events in the stories.

Moon Dogs Vowel Spelling Series is a contemporary series of 14 books for older readers, continuing the adventures of the charaters in the Moon Dogs band. Each story introduces two spellings of vowel sound. The progression echoes that of the Dandelion Readers and can therefore also be used alongside level 2 books.

Book 1: ai, ay
Book 2: ee, ea
Book 3: oa, ow
Book 4: ur, ir
Book 5: e, ea
Book 6: ow, ou
Book 7: oo, ue
Book 8: igh, i
Book 9: oo, oul
Book 10: oa, ow
Book 11: oy, oi
Book 12: ar, a
Book 13: air, are
Book 14: ear, eer

Interest age 8-14

Reading Age F/1

Follows Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds

extraMile by Integranet