This special pack of 10 Milo's Read and Grab Word Games provides children with lots of fun practising reading and decoding words progressing from simple to more challenging graphemes.

Some children call this the 'thief' game. Children don't even realize they are reading when they become completely absorded in collecting sets of cards. There are five cards in each set.

These 10 Milo's Read and Grab games cover the 44 sounds of the English alphabetic code. Starting with simple consonant, vowel, consonant words (CVC) and progressing to consonant digraphs (sh ch th ng) adjacent consonants (blends), split digraphs, alternative graphemes for /ai/, /ee/, /igh/, /oa/, /y+oo/.

It is all loads of fun. Children do not even realize they are reading.

extraMile by Integranet