The Speed Sounds and Chants cards provide a mnemonic for the graphemes of Stages 7. These 51 cards include new images to represent the vowel graphemes that are introduced in the four units of Stage 7.

These convenient classroom size cards are great for student work. Speed Sounds and Chants also come in the larger classroom display size for demonstration.

How to use Speed Sounds Cards:

Daily practice is key to success in learning the phonemes and graphemes of the alphabetic code. These cards are used in the both teaching and practising grapheme recognition.

Teaching Phase: Introduce the cards as set out in the Teacher Resource books

Practice Phase: Initially, cards are presented chant first to scaffold the learning. Later, once the child is confident, present the cards grapheme first, using the chant to support when needed.

ISBN: 9780994638397
Title: SPEED SOUNDS AND CHANTS CARDS - STAGE 7 (Classroom Display Set 20 x 24 cm)
Price: $85.00
Weight: 1200g
Dimension: 258mm X 219mm
Series: Little Learners Love Literacy
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