The DSF Bookstore now offers an excellent range of classroom bundles which include multiple copies of each book in the series. These bundles are designed for use in classrooms for reading groups, intervention programs, or as take-home readers. These bundles make it easy for teachers to ensure that all students have access to high quality reading materials at the right level.

This Little Learners Love Literacy school pack is a must for every pre-primary and year 1 classroom! Children will be delighted to have books that they love to read with words that they can read. This bundle includes 5 copies of each book in Stage 7 Units 1, 2, 3, 4  & 5 (125 books in total), as well as the Teacher Activity Resource books for Stage7 Units 1-4 (4 resource books in total). 

Throughout Stage 7 Units 1–5, children build fluency and confidence as they learn the vowel code for long vowel phonemes, alternative graphemes, suffixes and associated spelling rules.
These decodable books are written specifically to provide children with enjoyment while practising their phonic knowledge in text. The familiar Pip and Tim Zan family, their friends and teachers feature in all the stories. The stories written by Lorraine Lea and Berys Dixon are fun and humorous. 

extraMile by Integranet