All  GL Ready Lucid products are custom ordered from our supplier and may take up to 1 week for delivery.  

GL Ready Lucid CoPS allows teachers to identify children at risk of developing literacy difficulties, including dyslexia, at an early stage. Appropriate learning and teaching strategies can then be put in place to reduce difficulties and prevent literacy failure. CoPS comprises nine tests designed to assess the phonological and visual processing skills that underpin literacy learning. A comprehensive teaching manual is provided. Each test is presented as an attractive and enjoyable game that takes about five minutes. Results, in the form of graphic profiles and indivisual response records, clearly show children's strengths and weaknesses in comparison to age-related norms. A full report is immediately generated without the need for scoring.

Lucid CoPS assess:

Phonological awareness
Phoneme discrimination
Auditory short-term memory
Visual short-term memory
Visual and verbal secquencing

Lucid CoPS minimum system requirement are listed here.

Please note that this product must be custom ordered from our supplier. Delivery of the product is via email and can be supplied within 1 week. 
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