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In this series, Bella that dragon has lost her eggs in a terrifying storm. It's up to brave adventurers Mina and Nat to rescue them all for her. What will happen when the dragon eggs begin to hatch?

This each book in this ten book series focuses on a different vowel spelling. A great resource for children who are not yet fluent readers and need to revisit those tricky vowel digraphs. A higher ratio of text to develop reading fluency and build confidence.

Reintroduces alternative vowel spellings for 10 different vowel sounds.

Book 1:  ae
Book 2: ee
Book 3: oe
Book 4: er
Book 5: ow & oi
Book 6: oo
Book 7: ie
Book 8: aw
Book 9: air
Book 10: ar


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