These reading books and associated resources are essential components of an effective structured phonics program. Designed for pre-primary and year one students.

Each reader includes: Phonic Progression; Clear phonic sequences; Practice of blending skills; Minimal sight words; Text on a cream background to make it reader friendly; Motivating stories with appealing characters; Imaginative illustrations; A games page to enourage further reading practice.  

Phonic Sequence:

Unit 1:  s a  t  i  m 
Unit 2:  n  o  p  
Unit 3:  b  c  g  h  
Unit 4:  d  e  f   v 
Unit 5:  k  l  r  u  
Unit 6:  j  w  z  
Unit 7:  x  y  ff  ll  ss  zz 
Unit 8:  VCC,  CVCC 
Unit 9:  CCVC 
Unit 10:  CCVCC

This series has an accompanying workbook which contain spelling, reading, writing activities and can be purchased separately here.

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