These books are perfect for use by children in Pre-Primary and Year 1, either as a follow up to the Dandelion Initial Phonic Code Readers Units 1 to 20 or as an additional resource in conjunction with any other phonic reading programme. The four books, Levels 1 to 4, introduce the learners to the different spellings of a particular vowel sounds. Dandelion Extended Phonics Series are also suitable for reluctant older readers.

Level 1, The Mail, includes 14 books. Each book introduces one spelling for a vowel sound.

Book 1 : ai
Book 2: ee
Book 3: oe
Book 4: er
Book 5: e
Book 6: ow
Book 7: oo
Book 8: ie
Book 9: oo
Book 10: or
Book 11: oi
Book 12: ar
Book 13: air
Book 14: ear

Extended Code Level 1 Workbook can be purchase separately.

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