This long-awaited Talk for Writing guide to how to teach children to love writing stories through telling stories

• takes you step-by-step through the Talk for Writing process so the children move from imitation to innovation to independent application

• shows you how to put formative assessment at the heart of your teaching

• demonstrates how to make shared writing progressively more challenging moving the children away from the model towards independence

• introduces how to insert free-writing opportunities at the end of each unit so that children can become creative independent writers.

The book contains links to on-line video clips to illustrate all stages of the process plus detailed training notes to help you use the resource across a school. In addition, there is a wealth of handouts to help you create your own units including:

• an overview of planning for years 3 – 6 showing how to follow-up a storytelling unit with related non-fiction units interspersed with free writing opportunities

• how to box up the underpinning structure of key story patterns, with a simplified version for KS1 and a more sophisticated version for KS2

• includes seven model texts

• an appendix of toolkits for the 6 key story features (settings, suspense, characterisation, dialogue, description and openings & endings) showing what toolkit features to initially co-constuct with classes and how to progressively build on them year on year.

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