13 November 2018
Seeking a new deal on dyslexia
A NATION as self-confident as Australia doesn't expect to receive lessons in advanced education practices from such humble places as Irvinestown a small village two hours west of Belfast in Northern Ireland.
10 November 2018
My Dyslexic Journey
My Dyslexic Journey provides insight into the challenges of Dyslexia.
19 September 2017
Assistive Technology - Dictation and Screen Readers
Using voice-to-text and screen-readers to support reading and spelling.
19 September 2017
Using Microsoft Learning Tools
How to use Microsofts new suite of learning tools to support students with specific learning disorders
30 August 2016
Factors that Contribute to Successful Reading Comprehension
A compelling model of reading acquisition is that encapsulated in the Simple View of Reading (Gough and Tunmer 1986).
18 August 2016
Should we use a special font for children with reading difficulties?
Over the past few months there has been renewed media interest in a unique font called Dyslexie that the promoters claim will improve the readability of text for both children and adults with dyslexia.
31 August 2015
DSF Bulletin, Vol. 52 – Winter 2016
References for article: Supporting Reading Comprehension. Date of publication: September 2016. Name of Publication: DSF Bulletin. Volume: 52. Edition: Winter
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