DSF has developed a number of resources to assist students with literacy difficulties


Understanding Learning Difficulties: A practical Guide (Revised Edition)

This booklet, in conjunction with the enclosed CD, is designed to provide principals, teachers and school psychologists throughout Australia, with a greater awareness and understanding of the significant impact learning disabilities can have on students, and to outline the most effective remediation and accommodation strategies available to them in the classroom.

The CD contains a copy of the Guide plus a wide range of effective resources and strategies, all of which can be saved and printed for use throughout the school.

Revised Edition published in Jan 2019

Understanding Learning Difficulties: A guide for parents (Revised Edition)

Many parents or carers notice that their child is struggling at school but are unsure about the steps they should take. This Guide is designed to answer some of these questions. It has been developed to provide parents and carers with current information about the nature of learning disabilities and to offer practical guidance on the most appropriate identification and support.

Revised Edition published in January 2019

Tune into the Sounds of English

This exciting resource has been developed by DSF Literacy Services in order to encourage students to tune in to the sounds of words and to consider how these sounds can be represented with letters and letter patterns. With two levels available (the initial code and extended code), all students will benefit from the use of these resources when developing their reading and spelling skills.
  • The Initial Phonics Code Pack, aimed at beginning readers and spellers in years 1 - 2, or remedial students. This pack includes all appropriate sounds and spelling patterns for beginning writers.
  • The Extended Phonics Code Pack is aimed at middle to upper primary students, adolescents and adults
The Sounds of English resources include an easy reference card containing all 44 sounds of English with picture and word clues, a have a go pad to promote phoneme-grapheme mapping skills, wall freizes and an A4 spelling rules and grammar booklet for use with the extended code.

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Phonics Activity Packs

Designed to assist with developing an understanding of the role of letters and sounds this full set of 78 phonic tiles includes digraphs, trigraphs and vowel teams. Ideal for phonics work in pre-primary, year 1 and year 2 classes or for intervention at any year level.

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Morpheme Activity Packs

These colourful and innovative packs were developed and produced right here in WA by DSF Literacy & Clinical Services. Each Complete Pack includes a 34 Latin morpheme cards, 34 Anglo Saxon morpheme cards and 40 Greek morpheme cards. Each magnetic laminated card contains a morpheme - an element of speech which carries meaning. These include prefixes, base words and suffixes. On the back of each morpheme card is the description and meaning of the morpheme. The cards can be used on a magnetic whiteboard for word building activities which focus on word families and Latin word structure. Such activities are perfect for upper primary/secondary students. 

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Stairway to Reading

The Stairway to Reading Success poster presents information about the progression from Concepts of Print to Alphabetic Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Synthetic Phonics, and Vocabulary to Comprehension and Fluency for children from pre-school to year 3

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