There are a number of resources freely available to assist with selecting appropriate assistive technology and utilising assistive technology effectively.

The following websites contain valuable information regarding assistive technology to support the learning process at school and at home:

The Australian Disability Clearinghouse for Education and Training (ADCET) ( is a website designed to provide information, advice and resources to disability practitioners, academics, teachers and students on inclusive practices within the post-secondary education sector.
Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning (CALL)  ( is a website designed to provide information about suitable apps for Android and Apple devices to support a variety of diverse learners. CALL regularly review apps and produces easy reference app wheels (some of which can be downloaded from the links below) to assist users with finding the right apps to address their individual needs. 
The NSW Department of Education ( has produced a number of instructional videos on a range of assistive technology topics including the use of Microsoft learning tools, guided access on the iPad and voice typing in Google Docs.
SPELD South Australia ( have released a number of Clever Bytes. This is a series of teaching tips, with some focussing on the use of assistive technology (e.g. activating the inbuilt text reader on Apple devices, installing a free text reader on your computer, some tips on using Power Point to support learners).
Understood ( is a website specifically designed for parents, which focuses on providing information to parents of children with learning and attention difficulties, in order to support the educational and emotional needs of their children.  Understood has also produced some information on how to use assistive technology effectively.
The Independent Living Centre (ILC) ( has offices across Australia and provide free, confidential advice on what assistive technology is most suitable for each client's individual needs. 
Bookshare ( is a collection of electronic books that can be accessed via a yearly subscription. Readers are able to access audio and electronic copies of books through their purpose built app or via a web browser.  Bookshare is one of the largest collections of text books, best sellers and childrens books made accessible for individuals with reading difficulties.

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