In order to diagnose a specific learning disorder, Psychologists are required to carefully consider several factors related to the educational history, family and personal history and overall profile of academic weaknesses in the individual. 

As there are various factors to consider when assessing and diagnosing specific learning disorders, learning how to confidently and accurately identify learning difficulties and disorders can be challenging.  In recognition of this, DSF currently provides a number of training options and supervision designed to improve skills in the assessment and identification of learning disorders.


DSF currently delivers several workshops suitable for Psychologists wanting to learn more about specific learning disorders, the Psychology of reading, Working Memory and preparing reports for the School Standards and Curriculum Authority.  Information about future workshops can be accessed by viewing our professional learning calendar.

Supervision Series

Regularly throughout the academic year, DSF runs several small-group supervision series designed for psychologists wanting to learn more about how to assess for and diagnose specific learning disorders,  This supervision series consists of four, 2.5 hour sessions and is designed to equip psychologists with a better understanding of the defining features of learning disorders, how to best identify them within the school environment, how to select appropriate testing material and how to interpret the results. Participants will be provided with resources and readings that will assist in the assessment of students with learning disorders. 

Information about our supervision series can be accessed by viewing our professional learning calendar and expressions of interest can be placed by emailing

Individual Supervision

There are times when Psychologists are presented with a more complex case, have specific questions about the assessment or diagnostic process or are unable to attend the group supervision series.  DSF currently offers individual supervision that can be completed either face-to-face or online via zoom or skype.

All supervision is provided by an AHPRA approved supervisor.  To schedule a supervision session, please contact DSF at our main office (08) 9217 2500 or send an email to

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