In addition to the ever-expanding range of professional learning workshops and presentations available onsite at DSF Literacy Services in South Perth, we are also available to run sessions offsite.

Workshops are designed in response to the requirements of individual schools and workplaces.  They can range from two hour information sessions, to interactive wrokshops of half, full or multiple days in length.  Additional time allows greater access to valuable information and specific teaching strategies.


Workshops designed to support the effective teaching of all students

  • Response to Intervention - This two day workshop examines the critical components of RTI and the core elements of the Improving Schools Program. 
  • Explicit Instruction - This workshop covers the features of explicit instuction based on the delivery strategies that support the lesson design. Participants explore the basic tenets of explicit instruction and the benefits for all students including those with learning disorders.

Workshops designed to increase the support of students with learning difficulties

  • Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia - Defining Features and Effective Strategies - These sessions provide participants with an understanding of the defining features of specific learning disorders, demonstrating effective strategies for use both in and out of the classroom.
  • Understanding Learning Difficulties - In this practical full-day workshop, the DSF Understanding Learning Difficulties guide will be reviewed and effective ways to make use of it explored. Successful strategies for assisting students with specific learning disorders, such as Dyslexia, will be identified.
  • Working Memory Difficulties - This workshop explains the characteristics of working memory weaknesses and the impact such difficulties have on academic performance.  Participants are provided with an overview of the different types of memory, in particular working memory, and examine the ways in which each is used in the classroom.
  • Appropriate Accommodations - This workshop outlines ways of adjusting teaching practice and utilising resources to ensure that students with learning difficulties and disorders can engage successfully with the curriculum.  This workshop is particularly useful for upper primary and secondary classroom teachers.


Workshops related to high-quality evidence-based literacy programs and strategies

  • Sounds~Write - an evidence-based phonics program utilsiing an exciting and highly successful approach to the teaching or deading, spelling and writing.
  • Letters and Sounds - this program effectively taregts the development of oral language, reading, spelling and written expression in the early years in addition to providing and excellent structure for remediation in upper primary and beyond.
  • Talk for Writing - Talk for writing is an exceptional approach to the teaching of written expression. DSF offers a number of Talk for Writing workshops including a two-day introduction, a one-day early years and a one-day secondary schools workshop
  • Talk for Writing Master Classes - Suited for teachers who have completed the initial Talk for Writing training and have been using the program in their school.  These master classes include poetry, short-burst writing and grammar teaching, planning and implementation, talk for reading and successful implementation at a whole school level
  • Word Aware - A whole school approach which promotes vocabulary development.
  • Jolly Learning - includes both Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar programs which provide a thorough foundation for reading and writing.
  • Little Learners Love Literacy - This workshop presents the features of this explcit, multisensory literacy program and the research that underpins it.  Participants will be shown how to teach explicitly and sequentially to ensure all children experience success from the beginning.
  • Improving Reading Comprehension - In this workshop, the compoent skills underlying the development of strong reading comprehension will be examined.  EVidence-based stratgies known to improve reading comprehension are discussed.
  • Analysing Spelling Errors to Improve Literacy Outcomes - This practical full-day workshop will explore how to analyse an individual's spelling errros to reveal underlying deficits in particular areas including phonological awareness, knowledge of orthography, vocabulary, morphological and semantic relationships, and mental orthographic images.  Strategies to address these deficits will be discussed.

These are just a few examples of our range of exciting workshops and training opportunities.  If your school has a specific need or one of the above workshops does not suit, DSF is able to tailor professional learning to meet the needs of your school.


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