A step-by-step guide to accessing your DSF online learning account.

As part of our new website, the way in which you access your online learning account has also changed.  DSF has produced the following guide to assist new users to create and account and access their e-learning courses.

Step One - Log-in to your account on DSF's Website

Visit our website at https://dsf.net.au and log-in to your DSF account.  If you have not yet created or activated your account, please follow these instructions.  Please note: If you are from a school, and a member of staff has purchased your course, please ensure you use your school email address when creating an account on DSF's website.

Step Two - Navigate to your personalised dashboard

Once logged in to your DSF account, you should find that you are already on your personalised dashboard.  If not, please click on the Dashboard link.

Step Three - Scroll Down

To access your e-learning account navigate to your dashboard and scroll down.  You should see a link to access our online learning. Select this button and you will be taken directly to our e-learning system.

Please note:  If you have logged in using an email address that was not associated with your e-learning account, you will be presented with an error screen and a request to get in contact with one of our team. 

Step Four - Select your course

Once you have sucessfully navigated to our online learning platform you will be presented with all of our available courses.  Select the course that you have been enrolled in.  You will be unable to access any courses that are not currently enrolled in.  If you would like to access one of our other courses, please contact our online learning team at learning@dsf.net.au.

Having difficulties?

If you have any questions about accessing your e-learning account or would like to speak to a DSF staff member about your enrolment, please contact one of our e-learning team members at learning@dsf.net.au.
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