Learn the skills and knowledge to be effective at teaching reading – and change the future for your students.

Now is the time to bridge professional development to in-classroom success with the only literacy and language course of study backed by more than 30 years of evidence-based scientific research, and more than a decade of proven success. LETRS addresses the structures of English language, the cognitive processes of learning to read, and the teaching practices proven to be most effective in preventing and remediating reading difficulties, including dyslexia. No other professional development is as comprehensive in addressing the five essential components of effective reading instruction, plus writing, with a focus on translating research to classroom application. LETRS is relevant and applicable, regardless of the literacy program you already use in your classroom.

With LETRS, teachers previously uncomfortable with their ability to teach reading gain new skills and knowledge. Research shows 90 to 95 percent of all year one students can be successfully taught how to read if classroom instruction is optimal. The harsh reality is that (according to year nine NAPLAN results), 40% of students score on or below the benchmark of minimum achievement in reading, which means that they are not adequately prepared for participation in the secondary school curriculum.

Students need teachers who know how to teach the foundational skills of reading. LETRS provides educators with an in-depth understanding of the science behind teaching literacy, and gives them the background and depth of knowledge to teach language and literacy skills to every student. Designed to be the cornerstone of a multiyear, systemic literacy improvement initiative, LETRS is the most respected comprehensive professional development course for instructors of reading, spelling, and related language skills.

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The Australian curriculum articulates expectations for year-level learning. Although the curriculum, to some degree, reflects the research basis for reading instruction, it does not provide teachers with guidance or how to teach. With LETRS, teachers learn why, for whom, in what way, and at what point in reading development certain practices are most likely to be effective.  

Training for Teachers

The NEW LETRS ® program is a two-year course of study and presented through a highly effective blend of online coursework, in-person workshops, accompanying print books, experiences, webinars, and in-person coaching and support days, LETRS is intuitively designed around the concept of small, digestible, actionable learning sessions, making it ideal for both independent study and professional learning communities.

Now with more videos and explicit assignments for teachers to apply what they are learning, LETRS helps literacy educators understand:

  • How language, reading, and writing are related to one another.
  • What must be taught during reading and spelling lessons to obtain the best results for students.
  • How to explain spoken and written English language structures to students.
  • Why successful reading instruction has several key components and how they are related.
  • How to interpret individual differences in student achievement, based on valid and reliable assessments and theoretical models.
  • How to implement instructional routines and activities, and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.

LETRS can be purchased as:

  • An entire course of study with online and face-to-face training (optimal).
  • Blocks of units to create a full-year course of study.

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