Do you or your child need a tutor?

Current DSF members can locate an appropriate DSF Tutor using our online tutor finder. To access the online Tutor Finder you need to become a member (all membership types with exception to school or educational institution are eligible) and purchase access to the Tutor Finder. If you are already a Member of DSF and have recently purchased access to the tutor finder, please log in to your account.  If you are already a member and do not have Tutor Access please submit a Tutor Request after logging in. Once you have completed the form you will be able to access the Tutor Finder for a period of four weeks. 

For schools wishing to enquire about organising a DSF Tutor to attend your school, please contact the DSF Tutor Manager to discuss your school's needs.

Why Tutoring through DSF?


Tutors for all ages and locations

The majority of DSF Tutors are located in the Perth Metropolitan area, however, there are a number of tutors located throughout WA's regional areas.  Online tutoring is also available for metro and regional areas, provided through a virtual classroom.


We only recommend trained professional tutors

DSF Tutors are appropriately trained in evidence-based teaching approaches designed to improve students’ literacy (and numeracy) skills and must attend ongoing Professional Development to remain listed on our tutor register.


Ongoing reviews and monitoring

The DSF Tutor Management team monitors all tutors to ensure high-quality instruction is provided to students.

How do I find a Tutor?

Please log in if you are already a DSF member as the instructions below will change to reflect your current membership.


  •  Visit the Becoming a DSF Member page
  • Choose a membership type and click 'Sign up'
  • Select 'Access to the Tutor Finder'
  • Click 'Sign Up'
  • Complete checkout and payment
Please note:
  • In addition to your membership fee, a $50 fee is required to access the DSF Tutor Finder. This fee will be refunded to you through a reduction of $25 from the fees for the first two tutoring sessions.


Please note:

  • The Tutor Finder includes filters to help you find a tutor who is able to meet the specific needs of you or your child.

  • You can filter tutors based on Suburb, Age group, Locations and Subjects to help ensure tutors listed are going to be suitable.
  • The Tutor Finder will show Tutors closest to your default suburb area.  You can select a different suburb to search to view other tutors. 
  • Tutor profiles provide further information to help you find a suitable tutor. Click on a tutor to open their profile for further information on their experience and tutoring services.

  • You can also search for a DSF tutor who has been reccommended to you by typing their name in the search for a tutor field.  


  • Tutor profiles show detailed information about a Tutor.
  • Click the 'Connect' button to submit a request to a tutor (you can include notes like a phone number if you would like them to call you back)

You can submit requests to multiple tutors, even for a single student. This allows you to make contact with more than one tutor and decide which will be most suitable for you or your child.


Tutors will be notified via email when you submit a request to connect with them. You will receive an email when a tutor is ready to start tutoring you or your child.

Please click 'Confirm' in the notification email from the tutor you have decided to begin tutoring with. Notifications from other tutors can be disregarded.

This final step will advise any other tutors that were requested in Step 3 that their service is no longer required.
Unfortunately you do not have access to the tutor finder at this time. If you have a Family or Individual, University TAFE student, or Industry Professional membership, you may just need to purchase tutor finder access.
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