Term 1 Student Workshops - Talk for Writing

Thursday 6 February 2020 3:45PM - 4:45PM

Many students find the writing process extremely challenging. These students may have wonderful ideas, but struggle to get their thoughts onto the page. Even those who read reasonably well can experience difficulty with written expression. DSF is offering small-group sessions throughout Term One 2020 designed to improve the writing skills of students in years 3 and 4. These 9 sessions utilising the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach, will be run after school on Thursdays over a 9 week period.

Talk for Writing is a unique process that uses spoken activities to develop writing skills. Quality writing is created by first expanding and developing students’ oral language skills and then teaching the necessary steps for exceptional sentence, paragraph and text construction.

Talk for Writing has the potential to dramatically improve students’ writing. The approach also offers students with learning and language difficulties an opportunity to develop stronger writing skills. Feedback from students indicates that they find Talk for Writing ‘fun, engaging and motivating.’

Presenters:  Sarah Grunwald
Sarah is a Speech Pathologist (CPSP) on the DSF clinical team who provides assessments and therapy services to students with literacy learning difficulties, language disorders and developmental disabilities. Sarah is dedicated to using high-quality evidence-based programs to teach language and literacy skills, with expertise in vocabulary development (Word Aware) and phonics teaching (Sounds-Write). Sarah is also experienced in planning and delivering Talk for Writing (TfW) in group settings and, as a TfW trainer, regularly runs comprehensive training to teachers and clinical practitioners across Perth.

This course will commence in Week 1 (6th February) and finish in Week 9 (2nd April).

Time:               3:45pm to 4:45pm
Cost:               $450
Where:            Dyslexia SPELD Foundation – 10 Broome Street, South Perth

** If you are currently experiencing financial hardship, please contact DSF to discuss a fee subsidy.

To complete an expression of interest, please complete the below Expression of Interest form and return to support@dsf.net.au

Talk for Writing Year 3/4 Thursday afternoons


DSF Literacy Services has a ‘no refund’ policy. The exception would be when a Professional Learning Course had to be cancelled by the Foundation. All other requests for cancellation will be invited to re-register for another session. Late cancellation (less than 48 business hrs) will necessitate the Foundation deducting an administration fee of $25.00 and transferring the balance to another Professional Learning Course.
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