Talk for Writing: The Early Years

Thursday 28 May 2020 9:00AM - 3:30PM

This one day workshop offers Kindergarten and Pre-Primary teachers an overview of Talk for Writing in the early years. Talk for Writing is an exceptionally effective instructional approach for both oral language and early writing development. The workshop provides practical opportunities for hands-on participation in the implementation of the program. This workshop covers: – The importance of oral language development in early writing emergence, including nursery rhyme and oral storytelling; – The “Three Is” – Imitation, Innovation and Invention – which are the basis of the Talk for Writing approach; – Planning for units of work across the school year, including exposing students to high-quality rhymes, stories and non-fiction texts; – Providing effective scaffolding to promote the move from dependence to independence in a child’s storytelling and early writing development; – Accurate assessment in order to track student progress; – Involving families and caregivers in the storytelling process; and, – Explicit grammar teaching through sentence and story games.

Brooke Gray

Brooke is a primary school teacher and DSF Talk for Writing trainer. She has worked as a Phase of Learning Leader for Early Childhood and Middle Primary, and she is currently a school-base and network English Curriculum Leader. Brooke is committed to using evidence-base approaches to improve educational outcomes for all students. This includes Talk for Writing, which she has used in her classroom for several years and Brooke now leads the implementation of the approach across her school. She is passionate about the TfW approach after seeing the incredible gains students in her classroom make across all levels of attainment.

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