Supporting Numeracy Development for all Children: An introduction to Singapore Maths

Wednesday 25 March 2020 9:00AM - 3:30PM

Presented by independent education consultant and Singapore Maths Trainer, Judy Hornigold.
In this full-day interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to the Singapore maths approach and why it is proving to be so successful. The five core elements of the approach (Metacognition, Visualisation, Number Sense, Generalisation and Communication) will be explored and demonstrated. The importance of the Concrete Pictorial Abstract progression will be reviewed, and participants will have hands-on experience of a number of activities utilising the Singapore maths approach using a variety of concrete manipulatives. There will also be the chance to try out a range of problem solving approaches including a session on bar modelling. The effectiveness of this approach for learners with maths difficulties will be highlighted throughout the day.
About the Presenter:
Judy Hornigold is an independent educational consultant specialising in dyscalculia and dyslexia and has been a Singapore Maths trainer, for UK based Maths No Problem since 2014. She is particularly passionate about the teaching of maths and of finding ways to support l earners with dyscalculia and general maths learning difficulties. Consequently, Judy has written the PG Cert in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties for Edge Hill University and an accredited dyscalculia course for the BDA. Judy lectures on Inclusi on for Edge Hill University and is an Associate Tutor for the BDA. She also delivers lectures and workshops throughout the UK and internationally. She has written several books on dyscalculia and maths generally, as well as a guide for parents of children with dyslexia.
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