An Introduction to the Heggerty Approach to Phonemic Awareness Instruction 122AE

Wednesday 16 February 2022 9:00AM - 12:30PM

This half day workshop will introduce participants to the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum including the research behind the importance of phonological awareness instruction, the key components of the program, how to use the program in the classroom and additional resources available to support the effective implementation of the program. This workshop is designed for educators who intend to use the Heggerty Curriculum at the Kindergarten, Foundation/Pre-Primary and Year 1 / 2 level.

NB: Please read our vaccination requirements below.

Developed in 2003 by Dr Michael Heggerty, the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum is a systematic 35 week program of daily lesson plans that provide a high level of explicit modelling and student engagement. Each level of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum focuses on eight phonemic awareness skills, along with two additional activities to develop letter and sound recognition, and language awareness.

The Heggerty Curriculum includes explicit instruction in the following phonological and phonemic awareness skills:

  • Rhyming
  • Onset Fluency
  • Blending
  • Isolating final and medial phonemes (sounds)
  • Segmenting
  • Adding Phonemes
  • Deleting Phonemes
  • Substituting Phonemes

DSF has partnered with Literacy Resources and Heggerty to deliver this training throughout Australia and New Zealand. Training in using the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum consists of one half-day and is presented through a blend of presenter-led information sharing, modelling of lessons, practice of the key components  of the program and the provision of feedback.

Participants will leave the training with increased confidence to deliver the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum in their classrooms.

For educators who are keen to use the Heggerty Curriculum for intervention with students who are struggling to acquire these essential foundation skills, please register for our half-day workshop Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Intervention - Supporting Students at Tier 2 & 3.

All three levels of the program can be purchased through our online bookstore and can pre-ordered for collection on the day.  To place an order, please click here.  Discounts are available for attendees (5% off individual books and our already discounted school pack).  Discounts will be automatically applied if purchased at the time of booking.  For information about pre-ordering these materials at a discounted rate after purchasing your ticket, please contact our bookstore or PL team.


Please note:  Full vaccination is now a condition of entry to DSF

  • From Monday January 31st  2022, all visitors to DSF will need to check in via the Service WA App, which will identify vaccination status. Clients or visitors who have not downloaded the App can use an alternative means of evidence such as their digital certificate from myGov; the Medicare Express Plus Mobile App; or, a printed copy of their vaccination status plus ID.
  • This requirement is for all persons 16 years and over (including parents, students and any person accompanying a child).


DSF Literacy Services has a ‘no refund’ policy. The exception would be when a Professional Learning Course had to be cancelled by the Foundation. All other requests for cancellation will be invited to re-register for another session. Late cancellation (less than 48 business hrs) will necessitate the Foundation deducting an administration fee of $25.00 and transferring the balance to another Professional Learning Course.
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