As part of our clinical team, DSF Occupational Therapists play an important role in the prevention, early intervention and management of clients with motor-based difficulties.   

Our occupational therapist(s) utilise evidence-based practise to underpin all services provided.  Services currnetly include assessments and school-based screening.  Upon copletion of an asessment, a report will be provided including detailed recommendations for remediation and accommodatio of the difficulties identified.



The assessment of motor skills from early childhood through to adulthood provides valuable information about the acquisition of motor skills as well as profiling strengths and weaknesses and providing recommendations.
The assessment is conducted in one session lasting 2 to 2.5 hours. Depending on specific needs of the client, the assessment can focus on gross motor skills, fine motor skills, handwriting and/or activities of daily living.


DSF Occupational Therapists  offer high quality screening on-site at schools for kindergarten and/or pre-primary students. Carefully constructed screening tools identify difficulties with:
  • Postural control and shoulder stability
  • Gross motor skills
  • Motor planning
  • Bilateral integration
  • Visual motor integration
  • Neuromuscular development of the hand
  • Pencil grasp and control
  • Scissor skills
  • Pre writing/ writing skills
Individual reports, including recommendations, are prepared for each child and consultation with both the teaching staff and parents is provided.

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