Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what steps to take when you suspect your child may have a learning disorder, or what to do if you are an adult who is finding it more challenging to cope with the demands of literacy and numeracy.

Although our website and Understanding Learning Difficulties guides provide considerable information about specific learning disorders, support strategies and links to online resources, there are often times when it is necessary to speak to someone to gather further information or to speak about your specific concerns. DSF currently provides consultations for parents, families, individuals, teachers and schools. Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss concerns about: academic achievement; language development; difficulties with learning; self-esteem issues; further education; or, career prospects.

Anyone wishing to arrange an initial 35 to 45 minute consultation with one of our Psychologists or Speech Pathologists should phone DSF to make an appointment. For individuals who are unable to attend an appointment at the DSF clinic, a telephone consultation can be arranged.

A consultation is generally recommended prior to booking an assessment and DSF. The purpose of the consultation in this instance is to explore all available options and to help determine if an assessment is the best course of action at this time. It is not possible to make clinical judgments or provide a diagnosis from a consultation alone. However, after the consultation, parents and adults will be provided with (or sent) an Action Plan detailing appropriate support strategies or recommendations for follow-up. 

Children under the age of 15 are not required to attend the consultation. Prior to a consultation, parents and adults are asked to send in copies of school reports, writing samples and previous reports.

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