Our Services

The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation provide a range of services including:

Free Information Evenings

Information evenings are held on the first Wednesday of every month (except January) from 7.00pm – 8.30pm in the hall of DSF’s building at 10 Broome Street, South Perth (off Douglas Avenue). There’s no need to register to attend Free Info Evenings, just show up and we’ll be happy to see you. For further details please phone DSF on (08)9217 2500.


Appointments for consultations can be arranged with one of our psychologists to discuss concerns related to: difficulties with learning; self-esteem; education; career prospects; or, associated issues. Telephone consultations can also be arranged. …more info


Psycho-Educational Assessments and Functional Literacy Assessments are conducted by registered psychologists specialising in specific learning disabilities. Assessments are available by appointment and are completed over one or two sessions. Full Psycho-Educational Assessments provide a comprehensive analysis of the person’s learning strengths and difficulties as well as recommended strategies for both remediation and appropriate support. A Functional Literacy Assessment examines an individual’s reading, spelling and writing skills, in addition to their phonological processing skills and working memory. It is useful for individuals who have been previously diagnosed with a learning disability and seek a review of their skills and abilities. It is also ideal for individuals who need details about their functional literacy skills for school or workplace planning. …more info


DSF maintains a register of qualified specialist teachers who provide individual tutoring for children and adults. Members of the Foundation are provided with names and contact details of tutors on request. …more info

Professional Learning

Professional Learning courses and workshops are conducted throughout the year for teachers, parents and other professionals. Workshops are either held at the Foundation or can be structured to meet the needs of a specific school. These can then be run as a whole-school Professional Learning session, on-site, at the school. …more info

Parents’ and Students’ Workshops

Parent workshops are being conducted throughout the year to aide parents of children with learning disabilities with issues such as communicating their child’s needs effectively to the child’s school, and building self esteem and confidence. Student workshops for early secondary school students focusing on effective essay writing strategies are also being conducted. …more info


DSF offers a wide range of specialist resources in our on-site library and continues to add high quality books, games and programs to the current collection. The library is open every weekday with the library co-ordinator in attendance Monday, Wednesday and Friday. …more info


DSF stocks a wide range of highly recommended teaching resources for purchase. These include: decodable reading books, language cards, alphabet & phonic packs, student activity books, spelling programs, computer programs, text books, and remedial programs. Click here to visit our online store.