03 November 2020

New Resource!

Bridge the Gap is a series of systematic phonemic awareness intervention lessons for students in 2nd grade and above. The lessons can be used in small groups or with individual students who struggle to decode words automatically.  The lessons in Bridge the Gap were written to provide teachers, Reading Specialists, and interventionists with a simplified curriculum for teaching phonological and phonemic awareness with targeted instruction, based on student needs.

Length: Phonemic awareness instruction for older learners is meant to be short, so a Bridge the Gap lesson is 5-7 minutes in length, allowing time for an intervention to also include instruction in phonics and provide an opportunity for students to apply the foundational skills to decodable text.

Structure: The lessons in Bridge the Gap are not 5 days a week, but rather, the curriculum is written with 3 Parts:  Phoneme Isolation, Blending and Segmenting, and Phoneme Manipulation.

Support: Each lesson includes a lesson focus for teachers and students to provide explicit language when teaching each skill, and anchor lessons are provided to teach and practice each new skill.  The anchor lessons provide a reciprocal teaching model, with I do, We do, and You do learning opportunities.  

Hand Motions: Hand motions and ideas for visual support are included as Teacher Tips within the lessons, and access to a video demonstration of the hand motions is available with a QR code.  

Assessments: Assessments are included within the curriculum manual, including a Placement Assessment that can be used to determine the skills to target for instruction and can be used to gather data about a student’s progress after working with the lessons.  Each part of the curriculum includes an assessment that can be used as progress monitoring and to determine if a student has become proficient with a skill. 

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