Free Information Evenings

DSF regularly runs a free information session on the first Wednesday of every month (excluding January). These free presentations are designed for parents and professionals interested in the area of literacy-learning difficulties and learning disabilities and provide some preliminary answers to the following questions:

  • What does current research tell us about reading acquisition?
  • Why do some children struggle with reading and writing?
  • What is a learning disability?
  • What is dyslexia?
  • What are the causes?
  • What can we do about it?
  • How important is the school / home partnership?
The first Wednesday of every month (apart from January)
Venue: DSF Literacy & Clinical Services building located at 10 Broome Street (enter from Douglas Avenue), South Perth.
7.00pm – 8.30pm
Presenters:   DSF psychologists/speech pathologists with specialist knowledge in the field of learning difficulties and disabilities (including dyslexia).

Professional Learning

DSF staff currently offer several professional learning sessions onsite and in schools that are suitable for parents and carers who are interested in learning more about learning difficulties, learning disorders and how best to support children at home and at school. 

Information regarding future professional learning courses can be found on our PL Calendar.

Additional Resources

DSF has created the Understanding Learning Difficulties – A Guide for Parents booklet, to provide parents and carers with current information about the nature of learning disabilities in children, and to offer practical guidance on the most appropriate identification, intervention and support. The most recent version of this guide is available for purchase through DSF. Alternatively, the 2019 revised edition can be freely accessed online.
AUSPELD ( is the federation of SPELD associations and this website provides information about the various SPELD offices located around Australia.

Understood ( is a website specifically designed for parents, which focuses on providing information to parents of children with learning and attention difficulties, in order to support the educational and emotional needs of their children.
The International Dyslexia Association ( ) provides information for parents and professionals regarding dyslexia, including fact sheets and free online webinars.
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