Do you want to know more about how to help your child read and write?

The Boost program is designed to provide parents and carers of children in Kindergarten to Year One with information about how children best learn to read and write. Boost focuses on empowering parents by providing them with the information, resources and confidence to engage their children in enjoyable learning activities within the home; all designed to assist in the development of a firm literacy foundation.

The Boost workshop looks at:
  • the sounds in words
  • the alphabet
  • putting sounds and letters together
  • how to be a good reader and speller
The Boost workshop  is delivered by DSF Speech Pathologists at participating schools and community locations. The workshop is split over two sessions which run a week apart. Both sessions are three hours long with a short break for morning tea. The sessions usually run from 9.00am – 12.00pm.

What is the benefit for the parents attending Boost?

Following their participation in Boost, parents demonstrate an increased understanding of early literacy skill development, and have improved skills in critical pre-literacy areas (including phonemic awareness). In addition to their increased knowledge, parents feel more confident in being an active facilitator of their child’s literacy development within the home and feel more confident when making class enquiries regarding their child’s learning. All participants receive a ‘Literacy Starter Kit’ which provides them with all of the information, materials and resources used within the workshop.

What does each parent ‘Literacy Starter Kit’ include?

Each participant will receive a free ‘Literacy Starter Kit’ valued at $95.00. Each kit contains the following materials:
  • Boost workshop booklet which includes additional information and activity ideas
  • Boost word list booklet
  • Boost demonstration DVD
  • Rhyme card pack
  • Phoneme card pack
  • Alphabet card pack
  • Initial code decodable sentence strips
  • ‘Sounds of English’ chart
  • ‘Have a go’ pad
  • Initial code magnetic phonic tile set
  • Magnetic white board

Has any research been conducted to evaluate the Boost program?

In 2016, an independent review of the Boost program was completed by Curtin University (Boyes, M., Leitão, S., Claessen, M., & Dzidic,  P., 2016). Overall, the study concluded that parents who participated in the program demonstrated significant increases in their knowledge of important foundation literacy skills. Participants also reported improvement in their ability to assist their child/ren with initial reading and spelling activities within the home.

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