DSF receives around 10% of its funding from the Western Australian Department of Education. That's great. But is isn't enough.

The rest comes from the fees we charge for our various services, from memberhip fees, book sales and corporate and private donations.

The services provided by DSF are vital to the wellbeing of individuals, the long-term sucess of companies and even the ability of our nation to compete in a global marketplace.

We need a steady and sustained flow of funds to ensure that we can maintain our current operations.

Would you like to donate to DSF?

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Volunteering at DSF

Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring DSF can continue providing evidence-based information and resources to thousands of members of the Western Australian community every year. Volunteers also support DSF with day-to-day administrative duties, ensuring the cost of service delivery is kept to a minimum. Voluteering at DSF provides a social, supportive and flexible environment with some regular volunteers being involved in the organisation for over 25 years.

DSF is incredibly grateful for the support received from both individual and corporate volunteers. Please contact us if you are interest in becoming a volunteer.

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