The decision to pursue a formal diagnosis of a specific learning disorder can be a difficult decision to make. Some adults have long questioned whether they have a learning disorder. For others, the idea of assessment has only recently come up maybe due to workplace difficulties or a close family member being diagnosed with a learning disorder such as Dyslexia.

There are a number of positive reasons for adults to get an assessment if they have found learning far more challenging than expected. An assessment clearly identifies areas of strength that may be present in their thinking and reasoning skills, processing abilities or even in aspects of their current literacy and numeracy skills. An assessment also highlights what aspects of learning they find the most challenging, can help to explain why learning has been more difficult and can provide specific recommendations on how to help at work and in any future studies that they may pursue.

Adults do not need a referral to access DSF's assessment services. Appointments can be booked by contacting our clinics in South Perth or Albany. DSF offers a number of different assessments and each assessment is tailored to the needs of the adult. Assessments are conducted by qualified Speech Pathologists or Registered Psychologists, all of whom are highly experienced in the assessment of literacy and learning difficulties.  

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