Understanding Learning Difficulties: A six module online learning course from DSF


DSF is pleased to announce the release of our Understanding Learning Difficulties e-learning course for teachers, school psychologists and speech pathologists. This comprehensive online course provides participants with access to current information on learning difficulties, learning disorders, the processing skills related to learning and the response to intervention (RTI) model. Teacher’s and allied professionals completing this course will be armed with essential knowledge as to why certain students struggle with literacy and numeracy as well as evidence-based strategies to use when assessing, intervening and supporting to these students. All six modules include interactive content, videos and animations designed to ensure that participants remain on-task and engaged while increasing their knowledge and understanding of learning difficulties and disorders.

All teachers, school psychologists, speech pathologists and private tutors will benefit from enrolling in this course, which will help them to help their students. 

To find out more go to dsf.net.au/ULD or register to start the course today!

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