DSF Literacy and Clinical Services (The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation of WA inc.) has provided vital support to West Australian children and adults with learning disabilities for over 40 years. It remains committed to improving the level of support provided to children and adults with learning disabilities and to the community’s understanding of specific learning disabilities, in particular dyslexia.

DSF continues to focus on ensuring that children and adults with learning disabilities are supported adequately and appropriately, and that all students are provided with the opportunity to achieve their potential. In addition it provides advice and support to families and educators on successful literacy acquisition, evidence-based practice, and the strategies most likely to improve literacy outcomes for all students. Our role includes supporting and advising students, adults and families directly, as well as indirectly through the support and advice provided at a school or employment level.

Upcoming Events

      • Talk4Writing (for High School - 1 Day) 117Q-2
      • 29 May 17
      • Many high school students find the writing process to be extremely challenging. They may have a good understanding of a subject, but struggle to write in a way that clearly shows their understanding. For high school teachers, this is likely to be frustrating, because students are unable to show the knowledge they have been taught in lessons and slower academic progress is made.

        Talk4Writing is a unique process that uses spoken activities to develop writing skills. Originally designed to teach written expression to primary school children, the Talk For Writing approach has been successfully adapted for a high school setting. It provides a framework to teach students to express their knowledge effectively, in writing or speech, using the style of expression needed for each subject area. The result is an approach that can be used consistently within a school, while still having the flexibility to be an appropriate teaching method across the diverse areas of the curriculum.

        Talk4Writing has the potential to improve students’ communication and writing skills dramatically. Feedback from students indicates that they find Talk4Writing ‘fun, engaging and motivating – and it makes writing easy.

        Presenter: Peta Collins, BA (Hons), MPsych (Ed. & Dev.), Grad Dip Ed (Spec. Ed.) is a Psychologist at DSF Literacy and Clinical Services. She assesses children, teenagers, and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, and also consults with parents on appropriate evidence-based classroom and individual strategies to improve literacy skills.

        To download the flyer please click on the link below:
        117Q-2 T4W HS

      • Language, Literacy, & Learning Conference 2017
      • 30 Mar 17
      • Three days, eight-four speakers, great resources and an amazing opportunity for anyone with an interest in improving literacy outcomes for all students. This inaugural event is not to be missed!

        The Language, Literacy and Learning Conference will provide a wealth of information on the factors influencing the successful acquisition of skills in both language and literacy. It will be particularly relevant to classroom teachers, school principals and administrators, school psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, allied health professionals, tutors, parents and other key stakeholders concerned with the effective education and support of all school-aged children – including those with learning difficulties.

        Conference Schedule
        The conference schedule has now been finalised and we are very excited to share the amazing line-up of speakers, workshops and symposia.  To download a copy of the conference program please Click Here.

        For more information please visit the conference website. https://literacylanguageconf.com/

      • Essay Writing Workshop for Secondary Students in Years 10,11 & 12 117R-2
      • 27 Mar 17
      • Learn how to write a well-structured essay using a specific model designed to:
        Analyse & discuss how themes are represented in text;
        Identify the techniques used by authors to construct these themes; and,
        Discover how readers are positioned to think and feel about the identified themes
        This workshop will focus on the process of Text Analysis and three different types of text:
        Feature Film, Novel and Feature Article
        *This workshop is suitable for students who are intending to study or are currently studying Essential English, ATAR English or ATAR English Literature.

        Presented by: Jenny Baker, a well-known Speech Pathologist who works exclusively with children and young adults who experience reading, writing and spelling difficulties.


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