DSF Literacy and Clinical Services (The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation of WA inc.) has provided vital support to West Australian children and adults with learning disabilities for over 40 years. It remains committed to improving the level of support provided to children and adults with learning disabilities and to the community’s understanding of specific learning disabilities, in particular dyslexia.

DSF continues to focus on ensuring that children and adults with learning disabilities are supported adequately and appropriately, and that all students are provided with the opportunity to achieve their potential. In addition it provides advice and support to families and educators on successful literacy acquisition, evidence-based practice, and the strategies most likely to improve literacy outcomes for all students. Our role includes supporting and advising students, adults and families directly, as well as indirectly through the support and advice provided at a school or employment level.

Upcoming Events

      • Essay Writing for Teachers & Parents of Struggling Middle School Students 216D
      • 1 Aug 16
      • This workshop will provide teachers and parents with the necessary tools to “unpack” the informative/persuasive essay format (for students in years 7, 8 & 9) and the analytical essay format (for years 10, 11 & 12) in a simple and logical manner so that they can instruct students who may be experiencing problems with the writing process. A framework for constructing each type of essay will be outlined and strategies for developing as well as organising the contents of each type will be explained.
        The workshop will be a practical session where participants can contribute their own ideas and discuss written expression difficulties experienced by the children they are teaching

        Presenter: Jenny Baker is a speech pathologist who works at Fremantle Speech Pathology Services. She works exclusively with children and young adults who experience reading, writing and spelling difficulties. She has a passionate interest in devising explicit teaching tools to explain the rules and regulations governing the English language system so that children can “crack the code” no matter what level of text they are expected to deal with.

      • Improving Reading Comprehension 216C
      • 2 Aug 16
      • In this workshop the component skills underlying the development of strong reading comprehension will be examined. The impact of poor vocabulary, low working memory and inadequate syntax knowledge will be discussed, and a number of effective, evidence-based strategies known to improve reading comprehension will be presented. This workshop is suitable for primary and secondary teachers.

        Jemma Millar, BA (Hons), MPsych (Ed. & Dev.), Dip. Ed, (Spec. Ed.). Jemma is a Psychologist at DSF Literacy and Clinical Services where she assesses children, teenagers, and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. She also works for the Department of Education as a Consulting School Psychologist providing Professional Learning to School Psychologists and educators for students with complex learning needs.

      • 3 Aug 16
      • The Coffee morning will focus on the importance of understanding grammar and good sentence writing utilising hands-on approaches such as sentence building games. The event will conclude with a discussion about strategies to encourage reading at home.

        Presenter: Peta Collins, BA (Hons), MPsych (Ed. & Dev.), Grad Dip Ed (Spec. Ed) is a psychologist at DSF Literacy and Clinical Services. Peta assesses children, teenagers, and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, and also consults with parents on appropriate evidence-based classroom and individual strategies to improve literacy skills.

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