DSF Literacy and Clinical Services (The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation of WA inc.) has provided vital support to West Australian children and adults with learning disabilities for over 40 years. It remains committed to improving the level of support provided to children and adults with learning disabilities and to the community’s understanding of specific learning disabilities, in particular dyslexia.

DSF continues to focus on ensuring that children and adults with learning disabilities are supported adequately and appropriately, and that all students are provided with the opportunity to achieve their potential. In addition it provides advice and support to families and educators on successful literacy acquisition, evidence-based practice, and the strategies most likely to improve literacy outcomes for all students. Our role includes supporting and advising students, adults and families directly, as well as indirectly through the support and advice provided at a school or employment level.

Upcoming Events

      • Magic Boxes - Free Presentation 117AP
      • 4 May 17
      • ‘Magic Boxes’ is an explicit, structured, sequential and highly effective program designed to take children from the early stages of spelling through to knowledge of English morphology. The program is based on latest research and, as well as being compatible with the Australian Curriculum guidelines for English, is received enthusiastically by both teachers and students. It is suitable for use in early childhood classrooms as a spelling program for all students and as a program to assist students who have learning difficulties throughout the primary school.
        This free presentation introduces the ‘Magic Boxes’ program and provides early childhood and primary school teachers with an opportunity to review the materials and ask questions about the program’s development.

        Presenters: Sue Lambert and Iola Knight are both experienced literacy teachers. They are passionate about spelling and about improving outcomes for all students – including those who just don’t seem to get it! In 2011 they were given a grant by All Saints’ College that enabled them to publish the successful spelling program they had been developing and trialling over a number of years. The result is ‘Magic Boxes’.

        To download a flyer please click on the link below:-
        117AP Magic Boxes

      • Talk4Writing Two day workshop 117W
      • 11 May 17
      • This two day workshop offers teachers an overview of the T4W approach and provides opportunities for hands-on participation in the steps of this exceptionally effective instructional approach. The workshop addresses the use of T4W for both fiction and non-fiction and covers:
        • Planning, both for a unit of work, based on instructional needs of students, and at a whole-school level;
        • The “Three I’s” – Imitation, Innovation and Invention – which are the basis of the T4W approach and which allow students to move from dependence to independence in their writing in a systematic, scaffolded way;
        • Providing effective feedback to students in order to promote skill development;
        • Accurate assessment of writing, in order to track student progress and guide teaching goals; and
        • Development of grammatical skills, with a focus on functional application of grammar in writing, through ‘warm-up’ games selected to meet specific instructional needs of students.
        This workshop is suitable for primary school teachers


      • High Quality Maths Instruction 117W-2
      • 15 May 17
      • Participants in this half day workshop will review the elements needed for high-quality numeracy instruction or remediation. Participants will develop an understanding of the elements of a strong numeracy program and how to support students who find mathematical learning more challenging. Participants will also be provided with useful classroom strategies and fun activities to improve the engagement of all children with maths learning.

        Presenter: Kim Bloor, BA (Hons), MPsych (Ed. & Dev.), Dip. Ed, (Spec. Ed.). Kim is a Psychologist at DSF Literacy and Clinical Services where she assesses children, teenagers, and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. She also consults with parents on appropriate evidence-based classroom and individual strategies to improve literacy.

        To download the flyer please click on the link below
        117W-2 HQ Maths Instruction

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